But Can I Trust You?

Team of climbers on the summit.Sadly, it’s happened to just about all of us in the business situation. That employee you trusted; that company you loved to work with; the co-worker you believed – proved to be untrustworthy.

Do you remember what that felt like? Did you feel the pain, the disbelief, and then the slow realization that I did, when you knew for certain the one you had so trusted was, in fact, not trustworthy? Or how do you feel about the company who “guarantees” their goods or services, when you find out they are actually going to charge you more than the price of a new unit, or a new service, to make good on their guarantee?

At one point, and maybe still, the issue of trust spawned an entire trust-building industry, getting the big bucks for building trust in the workplace with death-defying, partner-dependent “life leaps” into a group co-workers with outstretched arms to catch. Or scaling a cliff, trusting your partner to keep you from plunging into the abyss below.

For many, these activities seemed effective in their organizations. In reality, there’s a bit more involved than a weekend, or even a week of putting yourself through all this trust building – although it may not be as much fun!


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